Sara Gaynor

Sara Gaynor

Sara is a visual artist and photographer who has exhibited locally, regionally and internationally. Her photography adopts a Fine Art, Conceptual and Narrative style, which forms the basis of much of her work. Sara has been an associate member of Backlit Gallery in Nottingham since May 2014.
A young lover of photography, Sara seriously started using photography as an art form in 2011 after returning to study the medium.
‘It is being emotionally magnetized at a certain moment in time by impulse and instinct, with beauty being found in the unlikely – a form of hypnosis . Capturing this essence is fundamental to Sara’s work. Much of her inspiration comes from nature, space and environments, emotions, instinct, film, Poetry, imagination, dreams, music.
​Sara uses subject and self portrait, spending much of her time in natural spaces exploring and creating from this with her creative energy revived at her small inspiration space, close to woodland, quarries, water and open spaces in Derbyshire,

Currently working on 2 ongoing series of images – ‘Emo​tional Response to environment and space’ experimentation of the creative processes and outcomes that are formed from her emotional relationship and dynamic with different environments and space.Series 2 – Hominis Interitus – forms a more critical discourse of humans impact on nature, using experimentation and documentation, part of the work from her Science and Art Creative Reactions collaboration forms part of this series. On both series of work

‘Inspiration is drawn from my impulse to connect visually with spaces that stir my emotions; wild, natural, solitary places and objects that I have discovered through my own exploration and imagination. At the forefront of much of my work, is a strong desire to sustain and celebrate our natural, wild environments, both for future generations but also, our own solitary well – being. We need nature to survive and yet humanity often carelessly disregards it. The feeling of protection and nature preservation runs through my thoughts and veins on a constant level which I continually document in my work’

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